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Curbside...Life Saver...

I started using curbside recently not just because of everything going on but for several other reasons too.

1. Ease of shopping with my 2 kids. Taking them into the grocery store, heck no. That is a disaster. The oldest only wants to ride in the the big cart that looks like a racecar, you know they cart that you can never, ever find. They fight over who sits where. Each one tries to grab for different things. The secretly grab things and try to hide them from mommy until they get to the checkout. If I tell them no, they cant have something, they start screaming and throwing a fit. Which, doesn't phase me but I am sure those around me aren't too enthused with their antics. They both want to put everything up for the cashier to scan and get made if they don't scan "their item" first. It can’t just be simple. Big N. O. No. No. No. Just No.

2. I recently started eating more of a Keto way of eating, mainly low carb and ordering curbside has also helped me learn other food options that I wouldn’t have necessarily shopped for if I was in the store. Some things are in the freezer section that you wouldn’t think would need to be frozen. Some items are up by the vitamins, some are by the gluten free items. Spread out across the store are all these wonderful products I have only learned about because of ordering online. Its also great because I can look at the nutritional facts online from the website to compare products and their carb counts.

3. Most importantly why I love curbside….. NO WINDOW SHOPPING. I spend so much less money when I can’t window shop and when you are budgeting that is important. Even with a list you know you walk down every aisle and find things not on the list but you have to have. OoOoo that looks yummy, I have to try that. Pretty, shiny packaging, it draws you in and makes you buy it. Curbside you are something wonderful to come from 2020.

*Another small tip. Collapsible bins and collapsible coolers work great for putting groceries into in the back of your vehicle. Easier to unload, saves time, then collapse them and put them back for another day. If you set them up and leave them open when you get to pick up your curbside order they will put your groceries in them. Doesn't get much easier than that.

This is my favorite. Holds a ton and has jeeps on it, pretty perfect.

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