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FBG NJROTC needs recruits

Fredericksburg High Schools Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps needs another 65 recruits to meet the 100 cadet required by the program. After graduation, the school only has 35 cadets. Negative stereotypes has kept recruitment low. If the Navy’s 100 cadet requirement isn’t met, the program could be put on probation and then disbanded.

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B f W
B f W
Jul 11, 2023

Junior ROTC is one of the best things a young person can get involved in, even if they have no desire to serve in the military. It will provide you with skill sets that athletics can not, and which will serve you well in whatever jobs or careers you seek in the adult world. I have two grown kids, both are now active duty. One was in junior ROTC all four years of high school, the other was not. My oldest is a senior at the US Air Force Academy. I know that he benefited tremendously from his time in JROTC. He made all four honor rolls at the academy his first two years, and I know that JROTC p…

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