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New Home-The Saga Begins!

So I bought a new home here in the Texas Hill Country (actually built in 1985 but new to me) and I must tell you that I am thrilled about it and feel very blessed to be where I am. Here’s the challenge, how do I have fun with it without spending CRAZY money? One of the big reasons I bought the house was because there were absolutely NOTHING I had to do to it to move in immediately. Outside the house though the driveway/road needed to be repaired/replaced…but I could’ve actually waited on that with a little “stunt driving” practice. Here’s my problem: I have so much that I want to accomplish but I have champagne taste/beer budget…what to do…what to do?

First of all I want to add fencing around the property (¾ acre). Not a need, but would like to have it for boundary marker, security, and future dogs/outside pets (TexasDex may bring friends over).

Secondly, I’d like to add a hot tub/spa to the balcony porch/upper deck. To do that I’ll need to reinforce the deck and add a 220 outlet (I’m thinking minimum 5K to get the spa/do the work).

Two big expenses, but both are wants not needs.

Other than that, I want/need living room furniture, deck/patio furniture, dresser, & a big TV.

I don’t totally need those either, but what I have is sparse and old bachelor pad stuff.

In addition I need supplemental stuff for kitchen and dining…dishes, cookware, etc

That being said I’m reaching out to you my reader/listener for your input advice. How did you handle it when you moved in to your new long-term place? One piece here and one piece there or eating an elephant one bite at a time like one of my friends said.

I don’t want to wait forever but I don’t want to be broke, so I’m looking for a strategic plan… any takers?

At this juncture my house looks like a homeless bachelor encampment and its going to take a while to cull, clean, and organize what I already have…so I do have a little time to think. I am excited to take on these tasks and it would be more enjoyable for you to go on this journey with me. So many ideas, so much to share, so this will be an ongoing blog to impart to you. One last thing, what to call the new homestead. First one was the Big R Ranch, then the Bones Beach Retreat, now I need a new name and am open to suggestions… Randy's Roost? Houston Homestead? _______??? Thank you in advance as we carry on…


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You make your money on a house when you buy it, not when you sell it, so relax and enjoy the ownership. Get comfortable with the inside stuff (pots and pans and places to sit and sleep), then let your mind flow to the path of least resistance in wants vs resources. Good luck!

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