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Room Temp Egg and Butter Hacks

Baking is a must in our house. The boys love to "help". Especially my 4 year old. One thing I am horrible about is remembering to take things out of the fridge early so that they are room temperature when you are ready to begin baking. If you are like me then don't fret. I gotcha covered! Here is a couple of hacks to help with speeding along the process when you forget to take the eggs and butter out and they are super simple.


Place the eggs you need in a bowl and cover with warm water (not hot). Let them sit until they are no longer cold to the touch. Normally takes less than 10 minutes.


Cut the stick of butter into small cubes or shred it. The smaller the individual pieces the quicker it will warm. Shredding the butter is the fastest way to quickly get it room temperature. The butter will warm and be ease to mix into what you are baking.

I am definitely not a fancy baker but I have learned for some recipes melting butter in the microwave will completely change what you are baking. Melted butter may be good for brownies but not so much a cake. Cold butter doesn't mix and incorporate like softened butter does.

Special Shout out to Kayla Jane for my boys school pics!!!

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