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Hold On to Your Headphones! WTH???

(or would that be tend to your tower?)

Somebody stole a 200-foot tall radio antenna tower belonging to radio station WJLX – “The Sound Of Walker County” – in Jasper, Alabama. It was a typical, heavy steel red-and-white tower. The station used it for their AM radio channel. Station general manager Brett Elmore said, “I have been in the radio business, around it all my life, and I can say I have never heard of anything like this.” Elmore learned of the theft on Friday when a landscaping crew went to the rural tower site to maintain the property, but there wasn’t much left to maintain. The crew called and told him the tower was gone. “There is wires everywhere, and it is gone.” Elmore said the radio station will work to rebuild the tower. If caught, the suspects face a fine or up to 10 years in prison.

(Thank to Morning Sidekick for the story)

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