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5 years of emails gone....

My tale for the day.......So last night I set out to rid myself of the 12,000 emails I have let go unread. (Yes, Lindsey I said 12,000). 95% of them spam. I gave up on trying to unsubscribe and block them as they came in. It became overwhelming to do daily, slowly I stopped looking at them altogether and it quickly got out of control. Last night I decided that I needed to start deleting. Then, somehow, I managed to delete 5 years of emails all at once. All of them. Not just spam. The most recent email I have is from the end of 2015. Commence the panic attack. Whereas it was slightly liberating to get rid of so many emails there are things I wanted to save and still may need in the future. I first started going through the trash bin to move things I needed to hang on to into a folder or the main inbox, but an hour later I had barely made a dent. I did manage to move all of the emails to archive from the trash bin, to at least hold on to them a while longer to sift through a little at a time and save the emails I really need to save and then let go of the rest.....If you know of any better quick fixes I am all ears.... Definitely never going to let it come to that again!

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