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Albert TX - 2024 music festival

A promoter is planning a large Wine Country music festival in 2024. Reports the Standard Times. Event organizers Why & How are planning a 3 day event in Albert Texas for April 14 through the 17th. The promoters have filed for a mass gathering permit in Gillespie County. A hearing to approve or disapprove the permit is scheduled for next Thursday. To keep track of the issue a Facebook page has been created by a group who are against the festival. Called Preserve Albert, Texas.

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1 Comment

Vickie Bell
Vickie Bell
Sep 14, 2023

This is outrageous! Leave Albert alone. I own property on the main road to Albert. The people who come will cause nothing but a huge problem. The only one who wins, is the promoter and the land owner's girls, who couldn't care less (obviously). There will be no amenities, parking, security, law, etc. Stay home and enjoy your family time.

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