Are Holiday's headed back to "normal"?

It slowly feels like holidays are going back to normal. Last year was anything but normal. Thanksgiving was small. We spent it with a few close friends at their lake house in East Texas. Christmas was spent some time with my husbands family and my stepson. It was a great introduction back to normal. Easter was the first holiday my mom's side of the family had been all together (minus sausage making), in a long time. There was lots of food, great fellowship, gifts, carrot cake, tons of candy filled eggs, confetti eggs and all the best little kid giggles. My 2 youngest nephews are now 1 and it was great to have all the kiddos together. I feel like we blinked and they went from newborns to 1 year old little boys. The family keeps growing and I hated missing time seeing all the littles grow. They change so much everyday. 2021 you are looking up! Cheers to family time and holidays!

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