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Dream Job Of The Week

Here's something legit that I saw and wanted to share esp since I love travel and adventure


Days Inn by Wyndham thats who! They say they want “an aspiring photographer and adventure seeker” to explore some of the United States’ most desirable locations and capture images along the way. The photos would then be used for the brand’s website and social media channels.

The two-week job call a SunternShip would take place in August and will pay $10,000. According to Days Inn by Wyndham: “During a two week-long internship, our Suntern will explore some of America’s most desirable locations and capture the moments along the way.”

There's alot of perks that go with this so you may want to check it out...or CHECK INN

Want to's the link:

You're welcome...and don't worry I can't participate so I must live vicariously through you

And NO I was not paid to publish this hahaha

I will be looking for other crazy and fun opportunities to blog about

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