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Garner RV Adventure!

During the Snowpocalypse my husband worked for weeks on end. During that time he came across a deal on a travel trailer that was too good to pass up. He has worked hard to fix a few small issues with it and this weekend we are going on its maiden voyage! We are packing up the kids and headed to Garner State Park. It will be the boys first "camping" trip. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hiking, fishing, kayaking and hanging out with my boys.

When we got the trailer the prior owners had left everything in it. We have been cleaning it out to see what could be kept and reused and what had to go. We found a brand new crockpot, toaster and solar panels still in their boxes. Beyond that it's been a week of washing sheets and towels. Lining cabinets with shelf liner. We have pulled out cups from our cabinets and coffee mugs, beach towels, blankets. We found old pillows, pots and pans to move to the trailer. We still have a few more things to get and need to organize everything but in just a few days we will be off on our first RV adventure. The boys are so excited and can't wait to go camping!

The only unfortunate thing is the weather forecast. There is a chance of rain during our whole stay. Even if it rains the whole time we can sit and listen to the rain while we watch movies on the little TV inside. Can't wait to get away with all my boys!

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