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Graco Rapid Remove Cover

I had several friends ask today on social media about convertible car seats. We just recently bought new 2 new ones for my Tahoe. We have more car seats than I care to admit. Convertible car seats are not easily moved from car to car, so over time you just fork over the money and get ones for each vehicle. We have more than a couple of those. There is one thing I will say to look for when purchasing a new car seat. The Rapid Remove cover. I have only found it on the Graco. We have several 4 in ones and I just got these 3 in ones for my Tahoe. Lets be real, kids are messy. Very messy. The Rapid Remove covers make life so much easier. I am not saying you need to wash all parts of the car seat every week, but being able to pull off just the bottom piece in about 30 seconds to wash is AMAZING. Pull it off, wash it and put it back on in a minute. It is so easy. Our old car seats you had to take out the entire car seat to wash it completely. Not these. I wish they were around when we got our first set. They are especially helpful in the jeep. With the top off often, the seats get dirty, but it isn't an issue anymore with how easy these seats are to clean.

In the video below fast-forward to about 1:30. This is where they pull the bottom piece off. Literally its less than a minute. That is the piece that gets the dirtiest and needs washing the most. Love these car seats!

Look for the patch below on the car seat! Trust me!

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