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My New Favorite Hair Dryer

Before I start no one is paying me for this. It is something I came across and it had such an impact that I can't NOT share it with you!!!!

I pretty much stopped straightening my hair years ago. Every once and awhile for a special occasion I will do it, but most of the time I just let it dry naturally with curls, a little anti frizz cream and I'm done. I love having my hair straight, especially for just the change of things but it takes well over an hour to do so. Long enough that I normally just don't. By the time I blow dry it straight with a bush, use a straightener and then a curling iron for the ends, 1.5 hours has passed and my arms hurt. Add 2 little boys to the mix who don't want to ever leave mommy alone for that long, it just ends up seeming like a waste of time. Several years ago my best friend gave me this small hair dryer brush and it worked ok, but I have thick hair and a lot of it so it still was slow goings. The other day I was on Zulily and saw this brush that was huge. It's an Almost Famous swept away, 2-in-1 volumizing dryer. On their website it is $200, Zulily had it on a flash sale for $25, so it was hard to say no. Figured it was worth a shot......

Below is what I normally use to do my hair if I am going to straighten it.

This is the Almost Famous brush compared to my old smaller one.

Huge difference in the size!!!

Now how did it do..... (please excuse the no makeup) There is also zero product in my hair.

It took me 5 minutes to do 1/2 my head. 5. minutes!!!!

In total it took me 13 minutes to go from wet and curly to dry, straight and styled. I didn't use anything but the Almost Famous and 1 small clip to section some. Life changing!!! I will definitely be straightening my hair more often! LOVE THIS THING!!!!!

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