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People helping people

Something truly positive to come out of the Ice-Pocalypse or Snovid as some are calling it is seeing people help eachother. People offering places to stay, food, and water. I saw many people helping others with their livestock. Whether it be bringing them feed or even taking in baby goats to keep them warm. For us personally we have spent a lot of time surrounded by the support of great friends and family. A lot to be thankful for.....My cousin and her family who let us, as well as 2 other families, stay with them for several days. A friend dropping off a generator + some gas and hooking it up to run our deep freezer. My boss letting the boys and I stay with her for a few days. Other coworkers offering us water and food. Neighbors, who are also without water and power bringing us cases of water. So many friends reaching out to see if we need anything whether it be food, water, a place to stay, help with cleanup or just an adult to talk to for awhile. Fire departments providing water and food boxes for their communities. People feeding the line workers and Tx dot guys. People bringing wood to others to warm their homes. People taking in animals. People checking on neighbors to make sure all are ok. Friends and family members driving hundreds of miles to provide supplies to those who need them. So many people helping each other. I am so thankful to everyone who has helped our family and others. You have made this time much more bearable. Thank you to all the line works and city works out there busting their butts to get us back power and water. Thank you to the plumbers, electricians, well services, trees service and landscaping companys and so many others. Thank you. This is truly what the Hill Country does. We are Hill Country Strong.

These buckets are water provided by Kerrville for the Mountain Home Fire Department Community.

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