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Quarantine Clean Out... what's that....

So I have heard all these stories about people who have been cleaning out drawers, rooms, closets, attics, storage sheds and more during quarantine.... They must not have little kids. Yes, I am making an assumption. I apologize, but hear me out and if you are an exception I bow to you. For me, how in the world do you have little kids and getting something so big accomplished. I have a hard time fixing dinner and washing the dishes without boys having breakdowns and screaming for me every 5 seconds. Mommy I want this. Mommy I need that. Where is Daddy? Outside. Why can't you go ask him? Because, I want you to get me milk, not Daddy. I truly believe they think milk or juice or anything for that matter, tastes better when mom gets it for them because even when dad offers they say, no, mommy has to get it. Back to cleaning things out. I think I got a bathroom closet sorted through in the beginning of the whole Covid thing, and that was it. I could never move past that. Even when the boys and I stayed home everyday for a couple of months I couldn't get big things like that done, start to finish. Stay at home moms. I applaud you. I don't know how you do it every single day and get projects done at home. I was lucky enough if they were fed and out of their pajamas.

Recently, a friend said they were doing a garage sale and that I could bring some things and that has been motivation. Sunday we pulled out all the tubs in the shed and I started going through everything. Props to my husband for keeping the kids outside so I could. (Or maybe I should thank the train box that was given to us by a friend. When pulling out tubs of clothes it came out of the shed as well. It kept them entertained for HOURS.) The tubs I went through were mostly baby clothes and baby items that the boys have outgrown. It was bitter sweet. No more babies for us and even knowing that it was hard to give away all these cute little clothes. I did put away a few things in their hope chests and my cousin took a lot of their 12 month and up clothes but it was sad to say goodbye. I got through about 7 or 8 tubs of baby goods to put in the garage sale and this weekend I plan on tackling my closet, but I'll be honest I am sending the boys to Grandma and Papaw's (Thank you) so I can accomplish that. My husband will be out of town on a jeep trip and it would not get done if the boys were there with just me. Nope. Pass. Now, check back with me Monday to see if everything gets gone through. Fingers crossed I can make it through the whole closet. Then I can feel like I succeed with Quarantine clean out like so many other organized individuals. Did you clean out your house? Your closet? What big projects did you get done during quarantine?

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