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What Keto is for me

So I know the word can be controversial but I started Keto in August. It is a way of eating where you count net carbs. What are net carbs? Total carbs minus fiber minus sugar alcohols. A lot of people who do Keto or low carb also increase their fat and protein. I try to have good balance there especially with the fat and never add needless fat. Healthy fats like avocados are really good. Pasta, breads, rice those are my feel good, home foods. They are what I crave but also they do nothing good for me. Keto has been good for me. It isn't a diet it is a completely different way of eating, so it also needs to be doable. It needs to not overwhelm or intimate or I won't want to continue to do it and I will be right back where I do not want to be.

By boys are getting older. They love to play outside and love sports. They are very active and I want to be able to keep up with them as much as I can and with extra weight you get tired more easily and sluggish. I want to run around with them outside, chase them around the property, experience life to its fullest with them, whatever they want to do. I do not want my body to hold me back. It isn't what I want for my boys. Why am I sharing this? I've learned accountably is such a huge motivation as is surrounding yourself with those that motivate you and support you. By sharing this I am letting my friends and family know that this is something I am working on, please support me. My boys are my why.

With Keto there are simple changes you can make. Instead of rice you can use riced cauliflower. Honestly when you add it to something like a sauce or fried rice, I can not tell the difference. Instead of having potatoes with a meal, we have veggies. You look more at labels and sometimes just a different brand can be so much better for you. We had hamburgers last night at my parent's house and I just added extra lettuce instead of using a bun and surprisingly, now after 2 months in, 20 lbs down I don't miss the bun. I still have ice cream, but you choose brands like Rebel that are Keto friendly over those loaded with sugar. Pasta has been the hard one though. I tried zucchini, hearts of palm noodles, the kelp type noodles and thank you. I love zucchini, but it never satisfies the pasta craving. Recently I found a website called Low Carb Bread Company. The bagels were meh. Ok, but not great. I won't buy them again. I haven't tired the slider buns yet, but the pasta was a very pleasant surprise. It was really good. Much like the texture and taste of wheat pasta. Which I like, so score. I am excited to make some Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese tonight for dinner, something I have been craving. My biggest thing too is I don't stress the big events, holidays, parties, special occasions. Enjoy, don't over indulge, but enjoy and get right back to it the next day. I know for me, if I hate it or resent it, I won't do it. I will stop and I don't want to stop. I don't want to hate it. This is what is working for me so I am going to keep moving forward. I don't want to look back a year from now and ask why I didn't keep with it or why I waited.

The picture on the left is August 7, 2020. The picture on the right was yesterday October 12,2020.

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