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Welcome 2021. You are greeted with open arms and hesitance. Please lets not repeat many of the events of 2020, so much can stay in the past. However some things can stay. Some things,positive things, I want More of. More time at home with the hubby and kiddos for one. I have a new job I love, with new coworkers and I want more of this feeling of being genuinely happy where you work. I want to go camping more. Have our whole family of 5 together more. So much more...more..... baking with my boys, fishing with my dad, hanging out with my mom, family time playing shanghai, time with our family in east texas, trips to Dallas to visit my best friend, off-roading, jeep runs, dinner dates with the hubby, snuggles on the couch with a good movie and my boys, time spent reading, murder mysteries and true crime documentaries, decal making, glasses of wine with friends, pool time with cousins, hunting, boat rides, kayaking, C/P Crew weekends, YO hangouts, Murder/Mystery Mondays and so much more.

2021.....More of the good, more together, more laughing, more love.

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