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A Christmas Miracle....

Let me begin by wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas. Please NEVER forget that this day is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

There's nothing wrong with Santa Claus, elves, presents, and the icing on the magical season's cake but Christmas is Christmas, not that horrid lazy horrid of my Biggest Pet Peeves! Not spelling out Christmas is absolutely terrible because CHRIST is the most important part of the word.! Without Christ there is no Christmas!

You know its a miracle that I am where I am and even that I am still alive. Maybe I will share those stories later, but this is not the time. What we need now is a Christmas Miracle for our country and the world. I have avoided politics in my blog because I do not wish to be divisive, but just know that I have been VERY CONCERNED about the direction our country could go in after January 6th and I pray that God intervenes. No matter if you are a believer or not I ask that you open you mind and observe what's really going on, not what the talking heads tell you. Look, observe, investigate, and act in any positive way you can. Those who preach tolerance and openness are really the extreme opposite. If more people don't wake up and act, our freedom will be gone forever! PLEASE my friends don't be sheep or followers, be patriots and leaders! If the USA fails, the whole world will crumble. If you think lockdowns are bad now, we will literally become prisoners in our own country and relying on the government for everything if the black hats prevail. Freedom is not free and free things ALWAYS come with a cost, no matter what anyone says. That cost may come to be paid with from the loss of our freedom.

There's a lot of work still to do and fights to be fought. Hopefully the work with continue to completion positively and hopefully there will be no loss of blood or any more of our freedom. God bless you my friend and may he bless us all with a Christmas Miracle!

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