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Beatin' The Christmas Blues

This time of year is so special if you’re a Christian because of the observance of the birth of Christ. Unfortunately Christmas has been so commercialized and parents have spent more time on Santa Claus than the Savior, that the Season has lost a lot of its meaning and specialness!

Because the world is so tech connected, you would think it would bring us closer together…but in my opinion its made it worse. For those of us that are shy, introverted, and socially awkward its made it easier for us to avoid forcing ourselves to interact. For everyone else, its made them lazy, more anti social, and easier to excuse themselves for being part of others lives that for the moment seem drudgery... but actually enrich us with wisdom and sweet memories in the long run. I mean other that Christ’s birth do we even do the other meaningful things, or just go through the motions?

Lastly, this China virus has kept many of us as prisoners in our homes, killed business, hurt relationships, been extremely detrimental to those with other medical conditions, and harmed real social interaction.

What to do? What to do?

Well here are some of my suggestions, beating the blues.

1. Go to church, pray, and observe the REAL Reason For The Season with your Friends & Family. Read the story of Jesus birth from your bible, share with those you love, and teach your children what it means and why we all should celebrate.

2. Get involved with a local charity and really do something, not just a donation.

3. Visit in person the ones you love whenever you can-If necessary get everyone to take a covid test right before your get togethers so you don’t have any stress.

4. If not in person, do the next best thing- a video chat or phone call if you can’t do video. PHONE TEXT AND COMPUTER


5. Write actual letters and send real Christmas Cards with heartfelt messages, not just a salutation! There’s still time for them to get there in time. EMAILS DO NOT COUNT! LAZY!

6. Do a kind deed for someone. Not necessarily a charity thing, but maybe help a friend or stranger that is unable to do or complete a task.

7. Be kind to animals by helping out at a shelter or adopting an orphan animal. As a disclaimer...I totally discourage giving an animal as a gift unless you absolutely know they want it and can care for it for life.

8. Work the holiday for a coworker or help cover duties for those who wouldn’t be able to see their family otherwise.

9. Do something to improve or serve your community.

10. Be good to yourself. Spend some time reflecting on your blessings. Pray and meditate. Gift yourself with an experience. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted. Give yourself rest and peace from ALL distractions for at least 24 hours. Appreciate the simple things.

Remember we are all humans, use patience and prudence before judging or doing something rash you’ll later regret. Make this Holiday Season the best for at least one reason whatever that positive reason may be and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! God bless you and yours.

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