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Houston's HorseSense (or HorseS*** depending on the day)

I am new here to the Ranch and the Hill Country but was born in Texas and have always considered it home. This blog is to share some of my thoughts, witty words, a few opinions, share experiences, music, infotainment fluff, assorted pop or country culture, motorcycle musings, travel/adventure anecdotes, and maybe even a little wisdom now and then. Not exactly where its going to go on any given day but it'll give you a chance to get inside a corner of my head no matter how empty that may be. I welcome feedback as long as its constructive and ideas as long as their feasible and intriguing. No you and I aren't going to think alike and I might write something you don't agree with but know this, I'll always be honest and true with my heart in writing it. If you want to be my friend, follow the golden rule. If you can't be nice or at least tolerant, move on. Besides its my blog, so get over it or get your own YeeHaw! Now let's begin this virtual adventure together... if you dare ;-)

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Hold On to Your Headphones! WTH???

(or would that be tend to your tower?) Somebody stole a 200-foot tall radio antenna tower belonging to radio station WJLX – “The Sound Of Walker County” – in Jasper, Alabama. It was a typical, heavy s


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