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As you probably ascertained from previous blogs and posts I have a real problem with what Nashville is turning out as country today…and it seems that its not just what people call old farts or those who just don’t accept changed, there a lot of people upset about it.

It started with the song “Murder On Music Row”-George Strait & Alan Jackson back in 2000.

A lot of people brushed it off as just a phase and a novelty song, but its just gotten worse. At this point only about 25% of “New Country” is actually country music.

Some new artists like Justin Moore, Riley Green, Jon Pardi, and a few others keep it alive with at least one traditional instrument in each song as well as most of their music having the country feel and sound...but its rare these days and the 25% number is actually quite generous.

Thankfully there is some pushback from social media groups and anti non country websites. Plus even the younger generation is even wishing for REAL: country

For example:

Whats really sad is that the CMAs did not honor the passing of some of country’s greatest artists at the CMA awards… but at least there was pushback

Once again I am not saying that performers that Nashville is pushing aren’t talented…They are just NOT COUNTRY. The other problem is that radio people and programmers with a lot of clout and power are not standing up to this problem by refusing to play the junk that music city is producing these days. The only way that this is going to change is through a grass roots movement. By listeners like you contacting the record companies, publicists, execs, etc in Nashville and telling them to bring real country back! Stop buying or supporting anything that’s not real country. Finally tell your favorite artists to cut the c rap, pop, and non country elements out of their songs or you will no longer support them. Think its not possible? How about the recent backlash to Carrie Underwood teaming up with extreme left wing radical supporting John Legend?

The power of the fans can turn this awful trend of the slow death of country music around. I have risked my career in radio for being an outspoken critic but I believe that Real Country is worth saving. Do you think its worth saving? Then you must take ACTION NOW.

We still have successful new artists putting out real country and some of the older artists that would love to get their new stuff on the radio again. In addition we have up and coming young country talent that believe in the real sound of country that can’t get a break because the radio is flooded with this pop, rap, and crap that Music city is feeding us. Lets put a stop to that PLEASE!

I must say that I am so very grateful to be on a radio station that believes in playing REAL COUNTRY music from the classics, to retro, to the new artists. It is an honor to do mornings on KRNH 92.3 FM The Ranch

in the Texas Hill Country and you the listener are a blessing. Thank you for supporting a station that believes in true country music!

Finally I want to say that we still live in the USA and we can still listen to and support whatever music or noise we want to listen to. If it makes us happy, great. If you want to listen to what is coming out of Nashville these days, by all means do… but quit calling it country because it ain’t!

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