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It's A Jeep Thing...Duck, Duck, Jeep.

Duck, Duck, Jeep.

So this morning I was listening to 96.5 The Hill Country Fox, as the boys and I do a lot of mornings. Ryan Stone does a part where he reads silly, funny things printed in the newspaper that people reported to the police department. This morning it was a woman called the police because someone put a rubber duck on her door handle of her vehicle. I texted him that I could explain that. He said cool, explain it on the air. So later this morning I did just that. My first question to him was this live or are you going to record, edit and replay it, because well I am not a radio DJ, but we went live. So I decided to tell y’all about Jeeps and ducking and where it came from and the latest controversy over it. I am not an expert on the subject but can just tell you what I know. The ducks started as a way to say Covid, “Duck it” well at least that is how I put it. Duck, Duck, Jeep. It was meant as a way to spread smiles and happiness and make someone’s day. To let them know you were thinking of them, you saw them, hello, how are you. Social distancing is hard for jeep people. We like socializing with other jeeple. We like our jeep clubs, jeep events, jeep runs, offroading, etc. So to tell everyone they can’t hang out anymore it was a way to say, “Hi, I see you, have a great day,” without actually seeing someone. It is fun and lighthearted. Some people use rubber sharks, cows, not just ducks but rubber duckies started it all. Some will put a hashtag on it or the name of their club or jeep. Some may add an uplifting message. Pretty much whatever you want. A way to smile and connect. There has been a little controversy over it lately with trademarking and copyrights, cease and desist letters, because of course it spread and someone wants all the credit and any $$$ to be made. For the most part though it has remained a positive and uplifting thing.

“It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.”

(Photo credit to Ciara Peeler and her jeep Ferdinand who were recently ducked.)

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