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Sunday Trade Days Shenanigans

This past weekend we went to Trade Days in Fredericksburg. We used to go often before Covid, most of the time just to walk around. Sunday was a welcomed surprise. There were tons of new vendors and the most vendors I have ever seen there in over a year. I used to be able to walk through a barn and tell you what most of the vendors were. It was a nice change to have no idea what I would find. So many new, cool things to see. Even tons of new food vendors. We had burgers from Slider Provider and OMG good. You could pick 2 or 3 different flavors. They even had one with peanut butter and jelly on it. So yummy. Live music, good beer, great food and lots to see. Got to visit with some friends. It was a really fun and relaxing day. The boys really enjoyed it too. However, Tommy thought we kept saying Train days, so he kept asking for a big train with lots of cars and a cool engineer. It was sad to break it to him that there was no train and no engineer. He did find lots off neat things to look at, but unfortunately no trains. If you haven't been before you definitely need to go check out Fredericksburg Trade Days.

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